The Exam Anxiety Programme

Exam anxiety is an increasing issue in many schools many secondary schools and FE colleges. It can be difficult to know how to support it. Our Exam Anxiety programme is a simple, low cost and adaptable programme that will help you reduce exam anxiety in your setting. It’s easy to understand and implement and most importantly it works.

It is being successfully used in schools nationwide, from PRUs to prestigious independent schools. Teachers, SEN Specialists, Pastoral and other support staff are all using the Exam Anxiety programme to help students manage their exam anxiety.

How does it work?

We send you a Student Workbook and a Facilitators Workbook. The Student Workbook contains all the relevant CBT activities to complete and keep for future reference. The Facilitator Workbook contains background information on CBT and instructions how to run the programme with detailed explanations about each activity. It also contains pre and post programme questionnaires, so you can evaluate success and identify students who need a higher level of support.

The programme can be run with groups or individuals and sessions can be as long or as short as required. This is adaptable and depends entirely on your specific needs. You can schedule programme now, then run again nearer exam time as a reminder. The activities can also be used in PHSE lessons.

All workbooks are provided as PDFs, so they can be used in your setting as many times as necessary without any ongoing costs. It’s a one-off fee.

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

CBT is a combination of Cognitive & Behavioural psychological approaches. Anxiety becomes overwhelming when we become trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts. By breaking down our negative thoughts/beliefs/perceptions, we can change how we feel. This in turn changes how we behave. The CBT process teaches tools and techniques that can be used to manage our negative thought patterns. These techniques can be used throughout our lives.

CBT is one of the most evidence based therapeutic interventions and is recommended by the DfE, NHS and NICE to support students with anxiety.

Studies show that with any therapeutic support, the relationship with the therapist is one of the most important factors. This is why the programme uses school staff – the positive relationship already exists.

Early intervention is key so buy my programme now and implement it as soon as possible to start changing negative thoughts and behaviours, and combat exam anxiety effectively in your setting.

So how much?

Pay once, and use it across your school for any student needing help with their Exam Anxiety! No ongoing fees, no multiple purchases needed. Pay using our convenient ‘Buy Now!’ button, and download the Facilitator and Student books immediately.

Single Site Exam Anxiety Programme Download*

£75 + VAT


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